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Of course, I’m letting my excitement get ahead of me. So now let me backup and explain everything from the beginning...

Currently, you receive my twice a week
Moneyball Daily e-newsletter.

The purpose of Moneyball Daily is to keep you on top of the “alternative” economic indicators I track.

These indicators can show you what’s really driving the economy — and in turn, what’s really driving the stock market.

The proprietary data I use to predict market moves is what led The Wall Street Journal to say this about me:

In fact, thanks to my “alternative” data, I’ve been able to out- predict and outsmart all the big investment banks including JP Morgan and Bank of America:

As a reader of Moneyball Daily, you see how I use this “secret” data to predict where the market is heading next.

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But here’s what you WON’T get with Moneyball Daily:

My specific picks to potentially profit from my “hidden” indicators.

I reserve actionable research like that ONLY for readers of my brand-new service…

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Moneyball PRO has a single purpose:

To hand-deliver you actionable investing alerts on a real-time basis, twice per week.

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How does “pro” level status work? Let me show you…

A Fast 109% Spike!

On October 27, I recommended that folks place a trade on Iron Mountain (IRM)...

Specifically, a trade using call options. (A “call” is an investment you can buy to amplify your gains if you think a stock is going up.)

The next day, you could’ve picked up the IRM options I recommended for around $1.05.

But in just ONE WEEK, on November 3rd, 2021, to be exact...

These IRM options spiked to $2.20 — a 109% gain!

That’s over double-your-money, in just one week!

Incredible, right?

Well, if you’d been on my Moneyball PRO list, you could have placed this trade, too…

And you’d have seen huge gains hit your account.

And weeks earlier, I pulled off a similar feat…

18% Gains In Just ONE Day!

On September 27th, 2021, I wrote about another company — an American RV manufacturer called Thor Industries (THO).

This time, I was calling for a drop in Thor’s stock price…

See, my “alternative data” showed me that RV sales and rentals would decline as we came out of the heavy lockdowns of Covid…

In short, I recommended a trade using put options (investments that go up in value when a stock goes down)...

And on the very same day, these put options spiked 18%!

Imagine snagging an 18% win in a single trading day!

If you managed to pull off a feat like that every day the market is open for a full year…

You’d be looking at gains as high as 4,536%!

Of course, that’s a crazy scenario, right?

But I think you get my point:

18% gains in a day is nothing to sneeze at.

And again, if you’d been on my Moneyball PRO list, I could have told you about this 18% gainer in a day!

But it gets even better…

5 Times Your Money
in ONE Month!

On August 30th, I wrote about a company called United Natural Foods (UNFI), the main supplier for Amazon’s Whole Foods.

Based on my patent-pending “alternative data,” I predicted MAJOR upside for UNFI.

And just look what happened shortly afterwards:

United Natural Foods SMASHED earnings!

In just about a month, UNFI stock spiked 21%...

And the call options I recommended that folks buy...

Jumped 102%!

Over double-your-money in under a month!

And get this…

If you’d used my research to pick up a slightly different call option...

You’d be looking at 433% gains after UNFI crushed earnings just like I’d predicted!

That’s over 5 times your money in a month!

Incredible, right?

Now, do we “win” with these picks every time?

Of course not.

No one’s perfect in investing, and as I always say — ALL investing comes with risk.

But as you’ve seen, when we hit a winner, these twice-weekly picks of mine can pay off in a big way.

So now let me ask you something:

How much would you be willing to pay for weekly trade recommendations that could hand you 109% in one week… 18% in a single day… Or even 433% in only a month?

Well, consider this…

With just $1,000 into each of the plays I just showed you…

You could have cashed out at the high with more than $10,620!

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that a subscription to Moneyball PRO doesn’t cost anywhere near that much...

Normally, to get access to Moneyball PRO and unlock my twice a week picks and research...

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You’ll be locked in at that discounted price for as long as you wish to receive my Alerts. It will automatically and conveniently be charged to your credit card each month until you tell us to stop.

Remember, you’ll be getting TWO actionable picks every single week…

Picks with the potential to go up 57% in two weeks, 18% in a single day, or even 433% in only a month!

A total no-brainer if you ask me.

But just to sweeten the deal, I want to give you something else…

Something you can get for FREE through this special offer for Moneyball PRO right now…

I call it The Moneyball Trader’s Playbook.

It includes ALL the tools you’ll ever need to invest in the most timely economic trends, just like a true PRO.

If you’re serious about making money in the markets, this “Playbook” is something you’ll want by your side 24/7.

Because inside it, I reveal the most valuable strategies I’ve developed over the last decade — including how I use my “oddball” economic data in the real world to help big institutions and hedge funds make money.

Every single chapter is packed with information that hedge funds pay a fortune to receive from me.

For instance:

  • How to predict which sectors as a whole are falling in or out of favor in the market…
  • How to catch BIG earnings surprises every quarter that almost no one (except me!) can see coming…
  • The “crystal ball” for the stock market I first discovered as a student in Japan…
  • The unique “secret formula” behind over 800 companies in the stock market that can tip you off to BIG moves in their stock prices…
  • How to use sex, drugs, and gambling to be a better investor (and no, NOT in a bad way)...
  • What I learned from an Atlantic City blackjack dealer to help me AVOID big market crashes…
  • And MORE!

Currently, this offer is one of the ONLY ways you can get your hands on The Moneyball Trader’s Playbook.

And if we ever decide to sell this book on its own, we could charge an arm and a leg.

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To sum it all up, with Moneyball PRO:

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You’ll get everything for only $20 per month, automatically charged to your card so you never miss an issue!

You might pay that much for a Netflix or HBO Max subscription every single month — and all they offer is a bit of entertainment.

But Moneyball PRO has very real potential to make you money!

To put things in perspective, here’s what you’re signed up for currently, versus what you could get when you take action today:

As you can see, this offer is a no-brainer.

That’s why I want to make it as easy as possible for you to jump on board.

So enter your information below to
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Remember, you’ll be locked in at the discounted rate of $20 per month for as long as you’d like.

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So make your decision now, before this offer is gone forever.

As soon as I hear from you today, I’ll switch your account to PRO level status…

Then, each and every day I publish Moneyball Daily

You’ll “unlock” the action of the day…

Each filled with double-your-money potential!

I look forward to handing you my hottest actionable trading ideas each week!

In it to win it,

Andrew Zatlin

Andrew Zatlin,
Moneyball Economics

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